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The 7 Best Personalized Wedding Gifts (Hint: Not Cash)

On the hunt for a unique, memorable wedding gift? Step one — put down the checkbook.

As we’ve mentioned on this blog before cash does not make for an inspired gift. In fact, we consider it a wasted opportunity (science agrees). Why give cash, which is rather impersonal, when you can show the newlyweds how much you care with a gift you picked out just for them?

The key to a memorable gift is to tailor it to the individual. We realize how intimidating that sounds, so we have your back with some great ideas to get you started. The following gifts are perfect for a couple that’s just beginning to build their life together and are all easy to personalize — making your gift one the couple will never forget.

A Magazine Subscription

Niche magazines are full of entertainment, helpful tips and, most of all, inspiration. Since magazines cover topics across the board, you can find a perfect fit for every personality. If the newlyweds want to run a marathon next year buy them a subscription to Trail Runner magazine, if they have dreams to see the world, buy National Geographic Traveler and if they are homebodies who love their cats there’s always Catster (formerly Cat Fancy).

A Painting

You need more than a casserole dish, a blender and skillet to build a home. Artwork ties together a room sparks creativity and gives a house personality. But newlyweds aren’t usually at the richest point in their lives and often can’t afford a painting by anyone other than their sibling.

Of course, art can be incredibly subjective. A word-to-the-wise: it’s best if you know the couple’s taste before you purchase an expensive piece of art (or if you pointedly ask them who their favorite artists are first).

A Drinking Accessory

There are two types of people in the world: those who like wine and those who like beer. Luckily, you can cater to both groups with either a concrete flight board or a wine thermal. Both can be personalized (with names, dates, pictures etc), are simple enough to fit every style and elegant enough to steal the room. Sometimes, couples really do need home accessories, but skip the blender, and give them one they’d salivate over.

A Cookbook

Those who cook together, stay together. Cooking creates an intimate connection between couples. Again, there are thousands of cookbooks out there that cater to every person imaginable, which makes a cookbook incredibly easy to personalize. You could go for a book of cocktails, of desserts or a more generic cookbook with simple, easy to follow recipes like Martha Stewart’s “Newlywed Kitchen” (which was written with newlyweds in mind).

A Weekly Food Delivery Service

Give the newlyweds the gift of home cooked meals without all the hassle of meal planning and preparation. Services like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron include recipes and all the ingredients for multiple meals in every box. You can even tailor the box to their dietary restrictions, vegetarians for example. Perfect for those who love the idea of cooking at home, but struggle with the practical reality of it.

A Piece of Culinary Art

Practicality and personality don’t need to be at odds. Curate the perfect mixture of the two with serveware that moonlights as art. You can tailor the piece to what interests the newlyweds. Are they coffee drinkers? Try a Chambord coffee glass. Are they dessert connoisseurs? Try an elegant glass cake plate.

A Subscription Box

There are subscription boxes that fit every taste, so you can find something for everyone. A subscription box that’s universally appealing? The cheese of the month club (which would go perfectly with gift idea #3).

Finding the perfect wedding gift can be intimidating. But don’t let fear make you wrap some twenty-dollar bills and call it a day. As we like to say — be the personalized, one-of-a-kind wine holder in a sea of bland cash-filled envelopes.

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