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Here's a rarity: a simple, useful, elegant wine gadget.

There aren't many good wine gadgets.  Most are superfluous crap meant to keep the cycle of useless Christmas gifts spinning. Even the ones I like usually end up gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere.
In the few months since I got a Wine Thermal, I've used it every time I had a white wine. I can't say that for any other wine gadget in the house. (I've moved away from fancy corkscrew devices and am using a very basic model.)

It's attractive, effective and extremely low-tech. I like it so much I feel the need to say that nobody is paying me to write this. In fact, it's going to be a welcome surprise for the Montana-based company.

The Wine Thermal is a block of concrete with a wine bottle-shaped hole in it. You store it in the freezer. When it's time to serve a white wine, you put the concrete block on the table, and put the bottle in it. Simple as that.

The Thermal keeps the wine at a steady, cool temperature more effectively than an ice bucket. With an ice bucket, you always have to worry about over-chilling, so you're constantly moving the dripping bottle in and out of the ice bath. You can just leave it, dry, in the Thermal. It keeps the bottle cool for at least 90 minutes; I haven't asked longer of it than that. While it does leave a little condensation on the table, it's a whole lot neater than an ice bucket.

It's a simple, elegant device that you can use every day; it gives your dinner table a touch of the trendy urban industrial-restaurant look. When you're done with the wine, you put it back in the freezer.

I was waiting for it to be available on Amazon, so I could reap 4% of the sales from any click-throughs, but two months have passed since I got it and I'm still using it all the time, so what the heck. You have to order it (for $65 plus $5 shipping) directly from the Montana-based company, Angle 33.  
          -Posted by W Blake Gray The Gray Report


Customized Gifts are Key

My husband and I choose Angle 33 for customized, unique gifts.  We usually order the wine thermal as wedding presents, and add artwork to make the gift personal.  All of the thermals that we have given(5 or 6 I think) have been loved and well used!!  I appreciate the personal attention that I feel I get from dealing with a Montana company.  Matt has always been flexible and easy to work with, quickly responding to emails or phone messages.Maybe one of these days my husband and I will get around to ordering ourselves a thermal to enjoy ?

       -Posted by Stacey on 23rd February 2017

Bomber Wine Thermals, never have to purchase another brand

We purchased six of these thermals for our restaurant and have been very pleased with their performance as well as their indestructible nature. We have purchased many other forms of wine thermals, all of which have ended up in the landfill. I would highly recommend this item. Scott@ Scotty’s Table

-Posted by Scott on 28th May 2013

Outstanding Product

The wine thermals are a great way to keep your roses and white wines at serving temperature during a dinner or a party.

We have two and use them frequently in Santa Rosa, California. They are easy to use and we find that our friends and guests get interested in getting some for themselves.

-Posted by Craig Harrison on 24th May 2013

They look awesome…

and they keep your wine cool, too. Big fan.

-Posted by Nick Momyer on 24th May 2013

Quality Craftsmanship, Beautiful, Fun, Simply Awesome!

Angle 33 wine thermals are a beautiful and unique way to store, chill, and serve your wine. Whether it’s a holiday dinner, a small get together for friends, or a simple dinner for the two of us, our wine thermals are out and on the table every time – keeping our wine at the perfect temperature for the entire evening! We will certainly continue adding to our collection!

-Posted by Allison and Forest Eugene, Oregon on 23rd May 2013

Pleasantly Surprised

I love the look of the Wine Thermals but I have to say I was really impressed with how well they keep our white wine chilled.

-Posted by Sam Carta on 23rd May 2013

Works amazingly even in the heat of summer!

This thermal keeps wine the perfect temperature even in the heat of summer on the patio! I’ll buy more to send to wine-loving relatives!

-Posted by Montana wine drinker on 23rd May 2013

This chiller looks great and works exceptionally well.

This chiller looks great and works exceptionally well. We now use ours almost every evening. The wine thermal can act as a chiller but we find it works best to maintain temperature for a perfectly chilled or cellared wine. The thermal is chilled in the refrigerator so ice is never used. The attractively colored thermal concrete is sealed so it does not sweat or get wet on the sides and bottom. Therefore, there is no sloppy ice bucket mess. The Angle 33 Thermal is hand crafted in Montana (see how it is made here). Priced at $64.99, the Angle 33 Premium Concrete Thermal is as handsome as it is functional. Angle 33 also offers matching coasters. 

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Thermals make great gifts.

Keeping cool while looking cool.

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Wineries and Thermals

(Our) staff really likes them and customers often seem interested in them. Right now we are pouring through chilled white wines relatively quickly. All in all, they get a thumbs up and much better than what we had previously.

– Brandon Dolan (Tasting Room Manager at Robert Mondavi)

Ultimate corporate gift

Angle 33 has been a great asset to us in showing our appreciation to our clients. We requested a custom design that included our company logo on the product. Matt guided me through the complete decision process, starting with a quality design and finishing with low-cost and on-time delivery. We have received extremely positive comments from clients about the gift. Angle 33 is a prime example of quality products with reliable follow-through.

- Jeffrey Bland, Burrus Institutional Wealth Services

Thermals a win-win for the wine world!

All of us at J Vineyards & Winery love your product! Until we discovered the Wine Thermal, we were using a large champagne bucket to chill our wines throughout our visitor center, which after a few hours, left us with a huge puddle! Problem solved…The Wine Thermal keeps our wines cool and our tasting room clean. Our customers were raving about it, so we brought it into our boutique, and it sells itself! It’s a win-win for the wine world!

-Stefanie, J Wines

The Great Wall of Thermals

I want a wall of them!

- Pamela Marie, Big Sky, MT

Sophisticated Wine Chilling

Keeping white wine cool without bothering with the ice is so convenient. Plus, mine looks so sophisticated on the table without taking as much space as a wine bucket would. It is also wonderful for keeping red wine from getting too warm while sipping wine out on the patio on a lazy afternoon. Love it.

- Liddy Schmidt Tiburon, CA

Solution for Restaurant Wine Service

They look amazing and I know that my customers are enjoying them too. Thanks again and hope to do business with you again when I open up my next location.

-Peter Estrella, Proprietor, Paxia Modern Mexican & Tequila Lounge

No Ice, No Water, No Sweat!

If there is one thing an east coaster appreciates, its the “no sweat” feature. Also eliminates the need for a drippy sweaty ice bucket. Keeps white wine chilled on table and within reach, not in refrigerator. Very handsome and stable- won’t blow over. The colors are organic and blend easily with differing styles of entertaining. 

- Frances Cersosimo West Newbury, MA

Hey, don’t steal my Thermal!

The party was last Friday night and the thermals went over great! Our florists just put red roses in them and they looked great on the tables. I believe I heard a few discussions/arguments on who would take home the thermals at a few tables – definitely a hot item. We even had one on the check-in table that was missing by the time I tried to claim it in case we needed an extra one.

-Jim Abel, NEBCO, Inc.

Form and Function!

We actually timed their effectiveness. They are great!

~The Accomac Inn, York, PA

Great addition to any wedding!

Wine Thermals were one of the coolest vendors I saw at the expo. As a lover of outdoor weddings, I can appreciate the conundrum of keeping your wine chilled without it sweating all over your food or dripping down your arm. Pop these magical stone devices in the freezer for an hour or two and they’ll keep your wine cold for just as long. And since they’re engravable, they make pretty snazzy wedding party gifts.

- Ashley Wali of Skybride

Perfect Birthday Gift

Thank you so much!! I really love how the wine thermal turned out. It was for my sister’s boyfriend’s 30th birthday.. and it was the hit of the party. They finally sent me a photo and I agree it turned out perfect. I was also super happy that it arrived in time, and actually a couple days early. I look forward to ordering more products soon. Thanks so much!!


Awesome wedding gift

We attended three weddings last summer and gave an Angle 33 Thermal as a gift at all of them. Each gift was met with rave reviews not only from the receiving couple but from others in attendance. The unique look and supreme functionality of the Angle 33 Thermals is what sets them apart from so many other wedding gifts. We have two more weddings to attend this summer and we have already decided to give more Angle 33. What a great product.

-Jesse and Raina Yarbrough Polson, MT on 23rd May 2013

Ice Buckets are out, Thermals are the way to serve wine

Have you ever wanted an easier way to keep a bottle of wine cold than using an ice bucket? What about keeping a bottle of white wine chilled that you are taking outside for a meal in the...

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So, you can chill red also?

A few weekends ago I attended the Seattle Wine & Food Experience and apart from the overall experience of sipping AMAZING wines and tasting samples from local chefs, I had the great....

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A must-have! Everyone must own at least one wine thermal!

Everyone must own at least have one wine thermal; it’s a staple in our home! Angle 33’s thermals are second to none and I love that they are made in Montana, they’re unique, sophisticated and they simply look great. I have ordered Angle 33’s products as gifts to others from The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation as RMEF’s Executive Assistant as well personally for family/friends. You can order their products just as they are or customize anything which is ideal. The uniqueness of Angle 33’s wine thermal definitely comes in handy for the person who has “everything.”

- Deirdre Howell on 23rd May 2013