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Details often make a memory. When people describe the power of a particular day or moment, it’s the little things that they illuminate in their story, because those are the things that made it so special.

Angle 33 strives to provide you with Made in Montana products that honor the details and your individuality. We also know that weddings and events are often bound by a budget—so we happily create our wine thermals with form, function and resilience in mind. We want them to add elegance and versatility—and last as long as the memory.

We’ve outlined key benefits that help you provide the perfect details to enhance your wedding or event.

Brides, Grooms and Wedding Planners

Angle 33 Wine Thermals:

  • Are elegant and adaptable—as a centerpiece, a flower vessel or a unique gift for your wedding party.
  • Can be customized to match your wedding theme and/or include your wedding insignia.
  • Embody the best choice for retaining the optimal temperature of your wine or champagne.
  • Are the sophisticated and sexy, “no-sweat” alternative to the ice bucket or wine chiller.
  • Are handcrafted and unique—like your special day.

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