Concrete Beer Chiller (The Extrovert) - Angle 33
Made In USA

Concrete Beer Chiller (The Extrovert)

Don't serve your guests warm beer!  Whether you prefer Budweiser or your local craft beer, it must stay chilled.  After a long day of work, you just want to sit outside on your patio with friends and sip on your beverage of choice.  Here is your ticket to beer drinking paradise:

Step 1.  Store your concrete chiller in the freezer or your fridge

Step 2.  Grab your beverage of choice.  (pint glass, bottle, can etc...)

Step 3:  Put glasses or bottles into your pre-chilled beer chiller.

Step 4.  Fire up the BBQ and enertain your guests.

Step 5.  Repeat until you have to go to the store to get more beer.

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