Find out why Restaurant Managers love Angle 33 Wine Thermals
Specializing in stylish Concrete tableware. Made In USA.

Restaurant Manager Reviews

Case study performed asking Restaurant Managers opinion about Angle 33 Wine Thermals and how Thermals have had a positive impact on their restaurants.

-Nick: Peachtree Atlanta, GA

“We thought they were great-adds to our atmosphere. We rely on architecture and art a lot, they add quite a bit to our aesthetic, nice addition to the table and do a great job selling wine.”

 “At first, the weight/size created a little resistance, once we could show effectiveness, they got over it”

 “I would definitely recommend using them to other restaurant managers. We take pride in having things other restaurants don’t. It’s a nice rarity to add to your service.”

 -Evan: Houston’s North Miami, FL

“I would recommend other restaurants use the thermals because people (clients and servers) would enjoy it. It has been a good addition here. They have a cleaner look than a bucket of ice.”

 -Zach: Houston’s Pompano Beach, FL

 “I would love to talk about them, we love them.”

 “The Thermals have lived up to the expectations we had, especially keeping both red and white wines at ideal temperatures. We have a large outdoor section-15 tables-so even red wine gets warm quickly. Very helpful. They actually enlightened our staff about the importance of keeping red wine temperatures steady.”

 “I thought it was interesting that they are made out of concrete. I’d never seen a wine chiller like that before. I like the fact that they are so heavy-it really prevents wine bottles from being knocked over.”

 “I would tell other managers that they work great in our restaurant. I don’t know what their atmosphere is like but they fit perfectly for our atmosphere. Staff and guests enjoy them aesthetically and they do the job they are supposed to do and do it well. Thermals are a lot more convenient than grabbing a bucket of ice. We chill ours, but we don’t have to-it’s great that they are so versatile.”

 -CB: Houston’s Boca Raton, FL

 “Fantastic! Great wine thermals! We love them.”

 “We were really excited to have something standard and uniform throughout the company, consistency of service. When I received the Thermals I really liked them. They are sophisticated and very stylish. I was struck that they are concrete. Surprised. Loved it and thought it was great.

 “Customers like them and want to purchase them for themselves. We send them to the Angle 33 website; all the servers know we have the information posted at the host stand.”

 “The introduction of the Wine Thermals has had a positive impact for our restaurant. Just the design and look-customers are more intrigued by it and therefore order more wine.”

 “If another restaurant asked me if they should implement the Thermals, I would tell them they work fantastic and they save having to put out ice or water. Sleek and cool design fits well with our architecture. Our guests and staff are excited about them, which intrigues people to buy wine.”

 -Chris: Hillstone Winter Park, FL

 “We were initially concerned about the weight, for storage and practicality, but it was unfounded.”

 “Our servers are really excited and proud about the new system using the thermals. It fit into our philosophy of service design, building structure, fits really well for our restaurant.”

 “The impact has been positive here. They are aesthetically pleasing, fully functional and very unique.”

 “I would suggest to other restaurant managers that although there is an inherent cost and smaller restaurants might feel limited by that, they are adorable, they last, they look great, they are a focal point and they have possibilities of increasing wine sales as guests see them. They will pay for themselves over the long haul. They are a good investment.”

 -Kathy: Houston’s Westheimer, TX

 “We have used stainless steel iceless chillers for quite some time. It really is just a difference in material. What I noticed is that Thermals stay cooler for longer.”

 -Ryan: Houston’s Beltline, TX

 “The Thermals have had a positive impact, especially the design of it.”

 “Thermals are a nice way to change the aesthetic of the presentation of the wine, instead of traditional wine presentation.”

 -JB: Houston’s Memphis, TN

 “Customers ask about the Thermals quite often, so we flip them over and show them the web address on the cork bottom. They like the looks. They look really cool.”

 “Thermals are great, and easy.”

 -Chris: Houston’s New Orleans, LA

 “We are happy with the Thermals. Guests like the design. They make a great presentation.”

 “I would say the Thermals are a welcome addition to any restaurant and any wine service.”

 -Shawn: Houston’s Metairie, LA

 “I was struck by the clean lines when we first received them. I wondered if they were hand poured or cut from stone.”

 “I think they are attractive, retain temperature better than marble ones. They seem very functional with the two sizes. They are aesthetically attractive and unique.”

 -Vanessa: Houston’s Hackensack, NJ

 “I think they are a super nice new product and very useful for restaurants who sell wine by the bottle.”

 -Danielle: Houston’s Kansas City, MO

 “I was struck by the weight, but we really don’t mind it.”

 “They work great, they keep it cold.”

 -Jessica: Bandera Chicago, IL

 “We were surprised by how cold they actually were and they hold it for a long time. And they just look neat.”

 “Our guests love them. Just the way they look—so different from what we were using. We used to use these old silver cylinder buckets that we’ve had for a long time.”

 “The Thermals have had a positive impact. Mostly we are very detail oriented—having a nicer wine chiller is something we like. I would highly recommend them.”

 -Andrew: Bandera Scottsdale, AZ

 “Our previous stainless steel chillers didn’t hold temperature long enough, so this has been a good upgrade.”

 “I would recommend the Thermals because they keep wine cold a lot longer and are a nice conversation piece on the table.”

 -Micah: Houston’s Scottsdale, AZ

 “They are efficient and aesthetically pleasing.”

 -Chuck: Bandera Brentwood, CA

 “I was surprised they didn’t need ice. That was the weakness of our previous system: The bottle being wet, labels falling off, that sort of thing.”

 “Thermals are more sophisticated and elegant than a bucket of ice. They have had a positive impact at our restaurant.”

 “I would tell other restaurants if you want to elevate your wine service, it is definitely a good idea to switch to Wine Thermals.”

 -Audrey: Houston’s Pasadena, CA

 “One thing we have struggled with is that customers want to put ice in them.”

 “Customers started out skeptical about their effectiveness, but in the first couple weeks I made a point of going around and educating tables using the thermals, and by the end of the dining experience they were impressed.”

 “I would recommend the Thermals. I know you have different colors, so they can fit into any type of ambience.”

 -Alysha: Bandera Sacramento, CA

 “Our wait staff was hesitant at first because we have used other iceless chillers and they just didn’t work. Most of our staff and customers didn’t have confidence that Thermals would be any different. Now that the Thermals have proven themselves, the staff and customers have embraced the idea.”