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Why Are Thermals Important?

Save Water, Drink Wine!

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Good wines deserve a good home, and our Wine Thermals are the perfect wine house. 

Imagine buying the best wine for the perfect occasion–an anniversary, an important meeting or the opening of your new restaurant. You’ve thought of every detail, tried to anticipate every calamity and now it’s time to serve the wine. That wine shouldn’t be too warm or too cold. Like everything else, it should be perfect. Angle 33 Wine Thermals make red or white wines perfect every time.

Wine is a libation of details. From the planting of the vines, to the cultivation of the grapes, to the wine’s bottling, every step of the process is realized (and tasted) in the final product.

The presentation and serving of the wine is another vital step in this process.  Not only because Riesling is best between 46 and 52 degrees or because Cabernet is better between 59 and 64 degrees. But simply because after so much thought, energy and care have gone into the creation of the wine, it is a shame when anything less is put into its serving.

Wine Temperature is one of the top factors to enjoying your bottle of wine. Whether you have a $10 bottle or a $500 bottle of wine, the temperature the wine is consumed at can make all the difference in the world.

Tips for the best wine drinking experience: 

  • Store your wine in a dry, cool environment.
  • Refrain from drastic temperature changes (example: don't put a warm bottle of wine in the freezer).
  • It is always easier to warm a wine once it is served versus cooling a wine once it is served.

How do our Thermals help you enjoy wine?

  • Thermals hold tempertaure longer than any other chiller on the market.
  • Thermals aren't just chillers, they help wine stay at optimum temperature for up to 90 minutes.
  • Thermals are hand-made, using concrete. 
  • Concrete has high thermal capabilities, meaning it will retain temperatures for long periods of time. For example, think how warm your concrete driveway stays after being in the sun all day. Also think about how cold a concrete floor stays once it gets cold.
  • Thermals compliment your wine service instead of detracting from it.

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