How Hotels and Resorts benefit from Angle 33 Concrete Wine Thermals
Specializing in stylish Concrete tableware. Made In USA.



Whether you are currently using ice buckets or marble chillers, it is safe to say you are not satisfied with their performance.  They make a watery mess, they are not aesthetically pleasing, and they detract from your wine service.  

Angle 33 Wine Thermals solve these problems and more.  Our wine thermals not only keep optimum temperature of your wines for up to 90 minutes, they also look sophisticated on your tables.

The Benefits for you:

  •    Elevates your wine service in restaurant and room service
  •    Customize with your logo/insignia for branding
  •    12 color options to match your decor

· Great gift item(s) for your guestsAngle 33 Wine Thermals:

  • Provide sturdy and attractive poolside and hot tub deck wine protection and keep mineral water cool and protected as well.
  • Eliminate the icy mess from serving champagne in a room.
  • Can be customized with your logo or insignia, for added detail.
  • Transport well; for room service they minimize tipping, chipping and spilling.
  • Are ideal for restaurant service and provide elegant and tidy presentation, without crowding the table.
  • Come in 12  colors to match your décor.
  • Easily enhance efficiency and aesthetics during evening wine service.

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