Angle 33 and Why Manufacturing in Montana is Important!
Specializing in stylish Concrete tableware. Made In USA.

Our Company DNA

Matt Baack (Owner)

Matt moved to Billings, Montana at 14 years old and vowed, then and there, that he would never leave the state for an extended period of time. More than two decades later, he owns a thriving concrete company and his enjoyment of that medium has led here, to Angle 33. Matt believes in the fine balance of work and play, which allows him to focus on making a positive impact in whatever he does. When he’s trying not to watch the pot boil, you may (or may not) find him casting a stream, skiing the mountains around him or simply watching his daughters thrive in the outdoors. Matt says that he succeeds because of the talented people he works with and relishes the opportunity to learn from others, perhaps over a pot of venison stew and a good bottle of wine.


Marge Baack (Owner)

Marge is the most talented person that Matt knows and her ability to balance being a great mom along with being an integral part of their success is unparalleled. Originally from Seattle, Marge has worked in healthcare for most of her life. Her love of helping people has come in handy, since her husband relies on her organizational skills, follow-through and attention to detail to help with Angle 33. Of course, it helps that he bribed her with sushi, lots of sea kayaking and the occasional doughnut. Her love of her family and her girlfriends feeds her passion and good coffee keeps her going.


Kurt Long (Manufacturing Manager)

Kurt was born here in Missoula, Montana. You might blame his career at Angle 33 on the fishes. As a fly-fishing guide, he and Matt share a mutual love for the sport, and they get out on the river together at least once a week. Kurt didn’t want to be an accountant; he wanted to continue to teach people how to fish, every summer. So, he began to work with Matt every winter. He’s come to care about his work with concrete almost as much as fishing—and takes great pride in getting it right. In this way, he can continue to work towards his goals: working hard, being a good person, spending time with friends and family, eating tacos and going to bed happy.


Julia Barlow (Marketing/Sales Manager)

Julia moved, with her family, from the Pacific Northwest to Missoula, when she was a teenager. Her love of the mountains kept her here, to attend the University of Montana, where she earned her degree in business marketing. Then it was off to explore other ranges--working, playing and living in Jackson, Wyoming and Salt Lake City, Utah, until she and her husband, Bryan, returned to put their roots down. We're glad she's back and part of our growing family!