Are you a Winery owner? Find out how Angle 33 can help you
Specializing in stylish Concrete tableware. Made In USA.



Whether you are currently using ice buckets or marble chillers to serve wine, it is safe to say you are not satisfied with their performance.  They make a watery mess, they are not aesthetically pleasing, and they detract from your tasting room.    

Angle 33 Wine Thermals solve these problems and more.  Our wine thermals not only keep optimum temperature of your wines for up to 90 minutes, they also look sophisticated in your tasting room.  We also offer custom concrete beverage and bottle coasters.  

The Benefits for you:

  • Customize with your logo or insignia
  • No Water, No Ice, No Sweat
  • Sell Thermals in your tasting room for additional revenue
  • Made in USA

Angle 33 Wine Thermals:

  • Easily preserve perfect wine and champagne temperature at special events, outdoor tastings and concerts—an elegant way to enhance the level of service without expending extra time and energy.
  • Save time and energy: eliminate multiple trips to and from the cooler or refrigerator.
  • Attractively store wines on the counter or bar top and a can be conveniently stacked in coolers to save space.
  • Can be customized with your logo or insignia, for added detail.

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