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If You Love Your Mom, Give Her Concrete For Mother's Day

We all know the usual Mother’s Day gifts — flowers, monogrammed mugs, jewelry, and the classic, sentimental card.

This year try something different. Make yourself her favorite child (or if you’re an only child, make yourself her favorite. Period.) by giving your mom the gift of concrete.

Yes, concrete. Not a slab of it, of course, unless you’re three and your handprint is endorned in said slab, but an elegant, well-crafted product made of concrete.

No matter who your mom is, concrete can help you swap the cliche with the inspired.

If your mom has a green thumb try a…

concrete planters with flowers

Concrete Planter

There are numerous benefits to bringing nature indoors. Not the least of which is how beautiful planted succulents, orchids or floral arrangements look inside a kitchen, bedroom, living room or office. Make your gift into a memory by offering to spend the day with your mom as you create a work of art in her new, classy concrete planter (that you bought in her favorite color, of course).

If your mom needs to relax try...

candle holders with candles

Candle Holders

The glow of flickering candles is even better when wax isn’t dripping down the side and staining the coffee table. Combine these modern candle holders, available in 10 muted and lovely colors, with candles, bath salts and a book from her favorite author to give your mom the gift of relaxation. She raised you… so she needs it.

If your mom is a socialite try a…

people cheers-ing over a beer chiller in a brewery

Beer Chiller

Nothing beats drinking beers with friends on crisp summer nights, except, perhaps, drinking beer with friends on fall, spring or winter nights. No matter the temperature outside, your mom knows beer is best served chilled. The best, classiest way to do that? A concrete chiller — no ice required. And if your mom would rather drink alone… there’s a beer chiller for introverts too.

If your mom is a wine lover try a…

plum colored wine thermal with wine bottle in it

Wine Chiller

Wines shine at different temperatures. Of course, if your mom is a wine-lover she already knows that. Help her serve her white wines at the premium 46 to 53 degrees Fahrenheit without creating a wet, icy mess with this insulated wine chiller. Make the gift even better by surprising her with a nice, optimally chilled bottle of pino already tucked into chiller.

If your mom is a decorating connoisseur try…

midnight blue square concrete beverage coaster

Beverage Coasters

These minimalist coasters bring a touch of elegance to any room. They’re beautiful enough to be a conversation piece, yet simple enough match every style. Even better — they’re functional. All of her perfectly cultivated furniture will stay protected… even if you’re messier than she raised you to be.

All of these concrete gifts are easy to personalize too — add any artwork, pictures, dates or words that you wish. Being the favorite has never been this easy!

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