Looking for a customizable planter? Get your Concrete Planter here - Angle 33
Made In USA

Concrete Planters

Hold on to your plants! Stable and stylish vessels for your personal jungle. 

  • Add rich, colorful symmetry to your indoor garden.
  • Clean and classy artisanal planters, perfect for succulents, orchids, herbs and floral arrangements.
  • Ideal for window sills, bar tops, table tops and shelves.
  • Available in 12 colors and 3 sizes.
  • Water tight and sweat-proof. 
  • Cork bottom to protect your surfaces.
  • Customize or personalize: Names, Dates, Wedding Logos, Business Logos etc...
  • We do offer relief images on our planters, so just drop us a line since they are not up on the website yet. 

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