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Whether you are currently using ice buckets or marble chillers to serve wine, it is safe to say you are not satisfied with their performance.  Ice buckets make a watery mess, marble chillers are not  effective and both detract from your table service.     

Angle 33 Wine Thermals solve these problems and more.  Our wine thermals not only keep optimum temperature of your wines for up to 90 minutes using no ice, they also add a sophisticated look to your table service.  Thermals are also great for Perrier and Sake.  3 sizes to accommodate all bottles and 12 color options to match your decor.

The Benefits for you:

  • 3 sizes, 12 color options to match your decor.
  • No Water, No Ice, No Sweat
  • Stackable for storage
  • Made in USA

Angle 33 Wine Thermals:

  • Embody the superior way to preserve the serving temperature of red and white wine or champagne throughout a meal.
  • Eliminate the potential for melting ice, dripping water and spillage.
  • Provide a supplemental aesthetic to your presentation without detracting from the experience of drinking wine.
  • Do not require a stand that might crowd space between tables and sit compactly on the table at 20 square inches.
  • Give servers one less detail to worry about, which grants them more time to focus on the customer.
  • Provide added protection; the weight of the Wine Thermals and lack of water reduce the risk of spilling, tipping or dropping.

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