Angle 33 at Barnes and Noble
Made In USA

Angle 33 at Barnes and Noble

Angle 33 at Barnes and Noble

Sure. Coffee and books make sense. But come on, admit it: wine and books are just as good, if not better. Okay, you might not make through as many pages, but . . .

Barnes and Noble still thinks it's a good idea. In fact, they think having full-service restaurants, in stores nationwide, is a GREAT idea. Last fall, the first of these restaurants opened, and book browsing customers can follow the stacks into an open dining room, order from a full menu, and sip on local wine and beer. 

Our favorite part? The restaurants are using Angle 33 Wine Thermals for their wine service. 

Some of you might wonder how a little company like ours can end up working with a big 'ol company like theirs. Of course, there are many ways that this can happen, but for us, it comes down to one simple thing: quality. We remain committed to local, quality manufacturing and stellar customer service. Following through on that commitment is what carries us, time and again. 

It's a long, winding story, but here's the gist: I picked up the phone and called a guy five years ago. That call turned into a conversation. That conversation turned into a connection. That connection became an opportunity to prove ourselves. When that guy saw another opportunity arise, he did not hesitate to call us. 

That felt awesome. Of course we feel lucky to have a new, big opportunity, and we are grateful to the guy who thought of us. But we're also proud of what we have accomplished. 

So, put down that book for a second, and let's raise a glass! To small, local business; to hard work; to our friends and partners; to our customers! 

Have a prosperous, peaceful holiday season. 


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