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5 Gifts For Your Favorite Wine Lover

5 Gifts For Your Favorite Wine Lover

The Customized Wine Thermal

A personalized concrete wine cooler, shaped like a brick with a hollowed out center that allows for regulated temperature.

Simple enough to blend into any room. Elegant enough to make a splash. These stylish and customizable thermals allow you to keep any wine or champagne at its optimal serving temperature throughout the day. Not only are they an eco-friendly solution, their cork bottom and lightweight portability make them a surface-friendly option for your dining table, deck, or kitchen counter. With twelve choices of color and starting at only $84.99 for a thermal with a customized logo, they are a perfect gift for your favorite party host!

Bottle Coasters

This awesome little tabletop accessory is a true jack of all trades. Simple colors and simple design allow for this concrete bottle coaster to play any role necessary. It has a cork bottom to provide the protection of a traditional coaster, so this gift is great for those who invite you to the dinner table! Available in twelve colors, this awesome little accessory is only $12.99.

Beverage Coasters (Set of 4)

A personalized concrete beverage coaster in a greenish-grey color.

A traditional accessory in any room of the house, these concrete coasters provide durability and longevity not available in any other coaster. They come large enough for any beverage container to rest on comfortably and are available in an array of 12 colors to best match the room they’ll be in. Another great gift for your favorite party or dinner host, you can buy a set of 4 in any color for just $35.99. They can be personalized for any occasion so you can ensure it’s a special gift for just $55.99.

Concrete Flight Board

Okay, so not everyone is so nuts about wine. What about the beer lover in your life? This stylish, simple concrete flight board is perfect for any beer lover excited to show off an array of homebrewed or hand-picked beers. They can be personalized for any occasion, and come in four or six flight options. With seven colors to choose from and starting at just $29.99, it’s a great option for your favorite beer fanatic.

The Concrete Planter

A set of two personalized concrete planters. One in grey with a succulent potted in it, one in clay-brown and empty.

This option is perfect for wine lovers, beer lovers, party hosts, brunch-holders and especially the plant lover in your life! This beautiful planter fits on window sills, countertops, tables, and shelves, and comes in several different sizes to make a simple splash in every room. Sweatproof and watertight, it’s not only a beautiful planter but a functional one. Easily customizable, and starting at just $29.99, this elegant planter is a great gift for anyone or the perfect gift for yourself.

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