Bitterroot Flower Shop Shares the Love - Angle 33
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Bitterroot Flower Shop Shares the Love

Bitterroot Flower Shop Shares the Love

Since February is the month most decorated with roses and hearts, we thought it would be a good time to talk about the love we get from Bitterroot Flower Shop, here in Missoula. In fact, we wouldn’t have been able to launch our newest product, Angle 33 planters, without the help of Lindsay and her staff at Bitterroot Flower Shop. They’ve worked closely with us over the last several months, to provide feedback, inspiration and ideas. They’ve also faithfully carried our planters in their store. We are so appreciative of the collaboration and support.


Thank You Bitterroot Flower Shop!!

We’ve been selling Angle 33’s planters in our shop for months now and we can’t keep them in stock! We are impressed with the artfulness and thoughtfulness that have gone into this product, and really appreciate Angle 33’s commitment to developing a planter that really considers the needs of florists and their customers. Plus, the planters are just really cool. We’re proud to sell them and happy to work with Matt and his crew.

~Lindsay at Bitterroot Flower Shop

How can you go wrong with so much concrete and love? Don’t answer that question.

But, perhaps your sweetheart might like an Angle 33 planter filled with a lovely, green plant from Bitterroot Flower Shop. It might be just the kind of love they need in the midst of this snowy month.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy February, Happy Plants.



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