Introducing . . . Angle 33 Planters!
Made In USA

Introducing . . . Angle 33 Planters!

Introducing . . . Angle 33 Planters!

Angle 33 is Growing—Your Plants!A33 planter 1

When I launched Angle 33, I was drunk(with the possibilities). Luckily, I could still focus and felt confident that I was providing a product that would make wine service better. I believe we are achieving that and it continuously inspires me.

At the core of this inspiration, there is always the idea of the perfect marriage between form and function. I’ve always loved not only providing a product (whether a countertop or wine thermal) that serves a function, but something that also enhances the aesthetic of the environment in which it dwells. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before Angle 33 built on the idea of the thermals and began providing other nifty (yeah, I said nifty) products that celebrate that form and function.

That has led us to today.

I have an announcement. (Hold on to your plants!)

Introducing . . . Angle 33 Planters.

They’ve been in the making for a little while, and we’ve worked with a local florist to perfect the design. Now, we are happy to offer them to the world at large.

Angle 33 planters hold all of the quality that comes with our thermals and coasters. They are made in concrete forms and come in our 12 colors—to give you diversity of presentation, along with solid, stable and classy function.

You have options:

  • Simply color, with no relief
  • The Montana relief (to honor this beloved state) or;
  • A unique custom relief to commemorate a special occasion or add to your own distinct décor.

a33 planter 2

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