Angle 33 on Foody TV!
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Angle 33 on Foody TV!

Angle 33 on Foody TV!

We love good food. It’s that simple—and it’s what led us, in part, to creating Angle 33. We just wanted to make good food experiences better—by pairing them with great wine in its most perfect state.

That is why we are so psyched to be featured on an episode of Chef Joe Ciminera’s Taste This. Over the last few months, FoodyTV has tested and enjoyed our wine thermals and now this great chef is featuring and reviewing them on one of his episodes.

If you haven’t watched an episode of Taste This, and are looking for creative and delectable ways to improve your own cooking this is the show for you. Of course, we also love that Chef Ciminera does a lot of work to help fight childhood obesity. His show is entertaining and educational and his heart is big.

Stay tuned and look for his episode featuring our thermals!


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