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A Well-Crafted Holiday Season: 4 Ways for Retailers to Guarantee Success with Artisan Gifts

DA_A33.6.13-0450It’s right around the corner. Retailers probably know this better than anyone. We’re coming up on Halloween, and then BAM! it’s holiday season. If you’ve done your research, you know that more than ever, people want artisanal, unique, locally and sustainably focused products. They want to give gifts that stand apart from all the mass-produced, dime-a-dozen stuff.They want form and function. And, it’s likely that if some of them aren’t interested in that, you are interested in introducing them to the virtues of such gifts. Sure, you may not be able to focus exclusively on these types of gifts, but incorporating at least a few into your holiday lineup may prove to be very beneficial.

Consider these four ways to make it work:2014_angle33_5colorsbottlecoasters

  •  Assess Your Offerings. You’ve probably already planned and ordered much of your inventory for the holiday season, but now is the time to give it a final look and decide if you’ve got a good balance of unique, high-value gifts. Can you pepper in one to five more unusual products? Is there a new line you’ve been dying to try, or a new product from an old favorite? For example, (shameless plug here): if you’ve been selling our wine thermals, have you considered custom coasters or our new planters?
  • Prepare Your Selling Points. The thing about local and artisanal products is that you get higher quality and support local economies. Do your salespeople know how to communicate this?
    • Do they know that goods that aren’t mass-produced often last longer and look better as time goes on?
    • Do you know how much more control the artisans have over the quality of the ingredients/components they use?
    • Do you know the story behind the product? What inspired it? Who made it?
  • Use Social Media. Your customers likely do. They are discovering cool products, every day, on social media, especially on the highly visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Make sure you are getting your products out there and using your social media savvy to bring customers in.
  • Get Out of the Store. Whether you are a brick and mortar store, online only or a little of both, get yourself to a holiday venue. Why not table a local holiday market or sale or even set up a temporary shop in another locale? The point is to drive people to your main store, but you can’t harness new customers if they don’t run into you somewhere.

Good luck gearing up and give us a call if you want to talk about holiday offerings from Angle 33.



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