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6 Keys to Successful Corporate Gifting

6 Keys to Successful Corporate Gifting

If you’re considering corporate gift giving, there are numerous factors that will help you to determine if the gift will truly serve its purpose.

Here is where we pause for a moment: what is the purpose of corporate gifting? It’s important to remember that corporate gifting is not the same as providing employee or client incentive. It’s about:

  • Showing appreciation in a genuine way.
  • Establishing and/or enhancing important relationships.
  • Recognizing individuals as individuals.

But, how do you do that in a cost-effective, efficient way, without compromising the value of the gift to the recipient?

Let’s look at a few guidelines:

  1. Mix it up: If you plan to give gifts annually, make sure they vary from year-to-year and that they suit the overall style of your team. Which leads to . . .
  2. Be appropriate: Consider who the recipients are and what your relationship is to them already. How close is the relationship? How long have you known them? How will they perceive receiving a gift from you? (Avoid looking like you are trying to bribe the recipient at all costs). Along those lines . . .
  3. Consider personality: Thiers, not yours. Quirky gifts only work if the recipient gets the quirk. In other words, what will suit the personal style and interests of the person you are giving the gift to?
  4. Be timely: Some of the best gifts come at the most unexpected times. Don’t give gifts that mark a common occasion in which they are the norm. Give gifts to acknowledge occasions specific to the employee/client or something they recently accomplished.
  5. Consider class, not promotion opportunity: Present your gifts well, with clean packaging and wrapping. And, consider avoiding including a logo from your company. Think about how that could influence the way in which the gift is used or appreciated by the recipient. That doesn’t mean you can’t customize gifts—but make that customization tasteful and again, suited to the personality of the recipient. This can work really well when you are presenting the same gift to multiple people; customization can put a unique twist on it for each person and make it that much more meaningful.
  6. Build on the gift: Depending on the frequency you would like to give, you can find gifts that build on each other—from month to month or year to year. Think in terms of sets and ongoing needs/interests.


Contact us about our corporate gift packages and for some thoughtful ideas about customization and sets. Happy gifting!

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