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Auction Napa Valley, Most Celebrated Wine Charity Event

Big wallets but even bigger hearts. The Auction Napa Valley (ANV), hosted by the Napa Valley Vintners, raised $16.9 million for Napa County in June. The first ANV was held in 1981 and since then, these enthusiastic wine connoisseurs have raised over $100 million dollars. The money is intended to help support healthcare and youth education nonprofits within Napa County. Having raised the most money of any wine auction…ever… I would say they have achieved their intended goal.


The Napa Valley Vintners (NVV) is a nonprofit trade association dedicated to preserving the world-class reputation of the Napa Valley wines, as well as the character of the community for future generations. Established in the 1940s, the NVV has been a leader in sustainable agricultural practices and has set a number of high standards for themselves and many other vineyards around the world. When it was first established, the NVV only had 7 members. Today, the NVV represent nearly 450 wineries throughout the greater Napa Valley.


Aside from the success of their philanthropic efforts and heavy membership, the NVV has set the bar high amongst its peers in the field of agriculture. In 1968, Napa Valley established the first agricultural preserve in the United States which halted the urban sprawl into the Valley coming from San Francisco and other large cities. The goal of this preserve is to create a strong foundation for sustainable business as well as environmentally friendly growing habits. The current members of NVV are eager to preserve their lifestyle for future generations.

Globally, wine lovers are responsible for raising immense amounts of money for the less-fortunate. However, what ultimately allows Napa Valley wineries to pursue philanthropic causes is the quality of their products. Grown in diverse soils renowned for their rich nutrients, the grapes of Napa Valley produce some of the best wine on the planet. Paired with sustainable agricultural practices, these grapes promise to continue to amaze and delight oenophiles for generations to come.

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