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13 Reasons to Love Wine in 2013

13 Reasons to Love Wine in 2013

Okay, these are reasons to love wine ALL THE TIME, but little reminders never hurt!

1)    Wine only keeps getting better. As the wine industry continues to grow, viticulturists continue to learn and experiment—making better and more interesting wines, from more varietals.

2)    Wine helps turn strangers into friends.

3)    Wine is versatile.  Alone or paired with a simple or extravagant meal–or anything in between–you can always find a wine to suit the food or mood.  

4)    It’s still a healthier choice (particularly red wine). Even way back when, wine had a reputation as a healing tonic. But, today there is a lot of scientific evidence to back up the claims. You can lower your cholesterol, hone your memory, fight off colds and even use wine on a cut if you don’t have any antiseptic on hand.

5)    Having a glass of wine makes me whine less, and helps me stay immune to other whiners. What about you?

6)    You can buy local wine.  Sort of. There are wineries in all 50 states. Granted, not all of them grow their grapes instate (and of course, some are better than others), but typically, they are locally owned and operated which means you have an opportunity to support your local economy.

7)    Someone always has something interesting to say about wine. And I believe that makes it more accessible to the masses. And . . .

8)    Wine sometimes makes people more interesting. I’ll elaborate more after I’ve had some.

9)    To love wine is to not only love something coaxed from the earth but to love the mingling of land and spirit that brings it to your lips. Or in the words of Hugh Johnson,

“Its life, in the last analysis, is what sets wine apart. There is nothing else we buy to eat or drink that brings us the identity of a place and time in the same way, that memorises and recalls (if we listen) all the circumstances that made it what it is. You can, of course, like a college examiner, submit every sample to the same critical appraisal and accept or reject it. Or you can embrace the identity, enjoy the circumstances, be transported to other places and times. Embrace even the mythology: it adds to the colour of life.” from, A Life UnCorked.

10) If you don’t drink it, you can cook with it. Pasta sauces, glazes, marinades, dressings . . . wine always takes it to another level.

11) Wine gives you a reason to have a swanky concrete wine chiller on your table, or in your pantry, or cooler, or on your patio, or in your garden . . .

12) While wine may inspire some to take a nap, it inspires others to create beautiful art . . . in clay, in yarn, in paint, in poetry—just look around a winery or explore a wine region.

13) The spilling of wine will remind you what is worth remembering.

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