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10 Things You Can Do With Your Corks

10 Things You Can Do With Your Corks

Come on, admit it, we all have a drawer full of corks somewhere. 

1)    Make a corkboard (Duh! That’s the obvious one). But, how many people actually do this?  This Guy does. And it looks cool too.

2)    Recycle them. There are numerous companies that will take them, but Terracycle’s Cork Brigade  is pretty nifty. Or check out Recork to find a place near you.

3)    Distract yourself from your work by trying to toss them into the empty vase on the other side of the room.

4)    You can get all arts and crafty with yourself. People make or embellish all sorts of things from bathmats to clock frames, to coasters (they aren’t quite as cool as oursthough).  Anyway, check out this Pinboard for some ideas.

5)    Attach them to a string and taunt your cat.

6)    I personally love the idea of the wine cork baseboard—especially combined with a richly coloredconcrete floor.

7)    Of course if you have a wood floor, you’ll want to protect it from furniture feet, so just cut rounds of cork evenly and attach them to the offending furniture to save your floors.

8)    Become an artist–nude artist. So naughty.

9)    Use them to prop up your neglected plants. Just push the cork into the soil at the base of the foliage and the plant perks right up!  (A little water might help too . . . )

10) Close the drawer and slowly walk away. Just pretend you never opened it.

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