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What do Wine Thermals have to do with Wedding Trends?

What do Wine Thermals have to do with Wedding Trends?

I’m a dude. I like to fish, ski and get my hands dirty. What do I know about weddings, much less wedding trends? I mean, I guess I do know a little about weddings—I did after all get married (to an awesome woman, by the way).  Anyway, I digress.

My business requires me to be at least somewhat tuned into the wedding world. That doesn’t mean you will catch me oooohing and aaahhing over Oscar De La Renta’s latest collection of wedding gowns (bet you didn’t think I knew about Oscar). With no offense to the design guru, I am more interested in what the average bride is doing for her wedding.

Yikes, I could be digging myself into a hole here—I KNOW there is no such thing as an average bride . . .

So, I started peeking at recent trends in weddings and actually wasn’t surprised to find that a fair portion of those planning weddings are interested in the same things I am interested in:

  • Sustainability. This isn’t about low budget; it’s about low impact on the earth. Brides these days want to do things that don’t have a negative environmental impact—and they want to use things that last. They’re thinking twice about releasing butterflies, and they are giving wedding party gifts and favors that have utility.
  • Rustic aesthetics. The country/woodsy wedding is still in vogue—a little asymmetry and rich natural tone and color = pure artistry.
  • Vessels. Reception tables are adorned with a variety of vessels that hold flowers and bottles—visually providing depth and texture.  Often the vessels serve as favors or gifts that can be used and reused.  As in, “Here, have a lovely wine thermal to hold your champagne. Oh and have another for that gorgeous flower arrangement. AND it’s a gift for you to take home.  Don’t you like our insignia on it? Now every time you serve wine at home, you will remember our awesome wedding.”  Sorry. I got carried away there.

Photo by Dan Armstrong

  • Local. Sustainability and local go hand in hand. So, it makes sense that brides are using locally grown flower arrangements. Here in Missoula, we’ve got some great local farmers and floral designers. One of our favorites is Habitat Floral Studio. They do flowers AND weddings, with style.


Yeah, maybe I know a little more about weddings than I thought.  After all, it’s all about catching the fish, right?

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