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Wine Drinkers Don't Overlook a Nice Package

Wine Drinkers Don't Overlook a Nice Package

How many times have you heard someone say that they picked the bottle of wine they brought to share because of the label? Of course, the important thing is how the wine tastes—but you have to admit, choosing and drinking wine is simultaneously an aesthetic and sensual experience. I built on that idea when I chose to create The Wine Thermal, to replace the wine chiller. It needed to be better in every way—from function to fashion—as some might say.

This is reflected in our packaging, too. I hand pick all of our suppliers, to ensure that their business model reflects ours and that their core business values represent Angle 33 to the best of their ability. I don’t want you to feel like you are merely buying a functional and unique product, I want you to know that you are buying a complete concept.

The packaging must hold up through a sometimes, brutal shipping world and it will transfer hands many times.  This is the reason we choose to use 44cct boxes, which are more durable and protective than many boxes on the market.  We would prefer not to use foam, since it is more challenging to recycle, but it has stood the test of time in getting orders to their destination in mint condition.  So even though foam may be less sustainable than other materials, by only having to send one package that is unscathed, versus sending numerous boxes in attempt to deliver an order without any chipping or breaking, we believe it is the currently the most sustainable option. Especially when you consider that the company we use, Foam Fabricators, recycles foam parts to incorporate into the virgin material during the manufacturing process.  They also provide the following information:

EPS is 100% recyclable. We have some websites that are very informative regarding recycling. Please refer to or We also partner up with the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers (AFPR/EPS IA) and you can visit their site at for additional information.

Foam Fabricators is very much involved in the conscious drive to educate on the recycling of EPS. In addition, we are continually developing customized programs for our customers, and all of our plants are recycling centers.

First impressions are very important to us, and the first impression we make, physically speaking, is the day a customer receives their wine or champagne thermal.  The packaging must best represent what is inside, as well as how we wish to do business. Working with companies that strive to provide a quality product and continually seek more sustainable ways to create their products is shown in the clean, intact and elegant wine thermal that came in a nice package, so you could put your wine in a nice package.

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