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Meeting the Standard

Meeting the Standard

Recently, Hillstone Restaurant Group (HRG) started using Angle 33 Wine and Champagne Thermals, exclusively, in their restaurants.

Hillstone is one of the largest restaurant groups in the country—with 57 restaurants from L.A. to Boston and many places between.  It would be an understatement to say that working with them makes us happy—but it’s not to say that forging this partnership was as simple as a phone call and a handshake.

Hillstone is known for their high standard of service and quality of food and wine. Their customers expect the best and like us, HRG is motivated to rise to that expectation. So, when their wine director requested that he test our thermals for a period of time, we were more than willing to provide some samples.

9 months later, after ensuring that it was a perfect fit, HRG ordered a batch of Angle 33 Wine and Champagne Thermals for each of their restaurants, citing the fact that the thermals solve numerous historical problems for the restaurants:

1. The thermals don’t sweat.

2. They retain wine temperature better than anything else on the market.

3. The weight of the thermal helps to protect the bottle of wine—preventing it from getting knocked over.       (Protecting the integrity of the wine is our ultimate goal!).

4. They are aesthetically pleasing and suit the décor of any of the restaurants.

One of Hillstone’s better-known restaurants is the Rutherford Grill in Rutherford, CA—the heart of Napa Valley. The restaurant is popular with the local wine makers and winery owners. Hence, the wine list is nothing to sneeze at.

We couldn’t have asked for a better testing ground for our thermals and we are honored to have passed the first round. It’s good to know that our own standards of production hold up and that we can meet the mark. Now, if only we could test some of that wine . . .

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