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Wine Temperature

Wine Temperature

Myths pervade the wine world: serve red wine at room temperature; serve white wine iced–as in bucket of ice; cold. But unless your idea of room temperature is around 60 degrees, or you manage to keep your ice at 45, these over- simplifications don’t quite cut it. Enter Angle 33 Wine Thermals.  Using natural laws of thermal mass, Angle 33 Wine Thermals sustain the optimum serving temperature of your wine for hours, enhancing not only the aesthetic on the table, but also the experience held in the glass.

As a general rule, red wines should be stored between 55 and 58 degrees Fahrenheit and white wines should be stored between 47 and 54 degrees Fahrenheit—but specific temperatures are applied to certain varietals. Regardless of the temperature you decide on, constancy is key.


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