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How to Use Wine Thermals

How to Use Wine Thermals

To maximize the benefits of Angle 33 Wine Thermals, start by storing your wine at its ideal temperature.

Congratulations! You’ve just acquired the ultimate, concrete wine chiller. We’ve made Angle 33 Wine Thermals with functionality, longevity and style in mind—but here are a few tips to get the most out of your investment:

White Wine, Champagne and Sparkling Wines

To serve at the ideal temperature

. . . for up to 45 minutes: place chilled bottle in a Thermal that has been stored at room temperature.

. . . for up to 90 minutes: pre-chill Thermal in fridge for 25-30 minutes prior to placing your chilled bottle into Thermal.

In a pinch, to help bring your wine down to temperature, place the Thermal in the freezer prior to placing your bottle into it for service.

Red Wine

A word about Red: YES, you can use Angle 33 Wine Thermals for red wine. They protect your wine from the sun while you enjoy it outdoors and they maintain cellar temperature on the table—inside or out!

To serve at the ideal temperature

. . . for up to 90 minutes: store thermal at cellar temperature, then place bottle into Thermal for service.

. . . for up to 90 minutes in the SUN: place thermal in refrigerator for 25-30 minutes prior to placing the bottle into it for service.

* Results may vary.

To clean your Wine Thermal:

  • Use a clean, slightly moist cloth, then wipe dry.
  • Use a MILD soap, if necessary. Harsh cleansers will compromise the appearance and integrity.
  • Do not run through a dishwasher.

Other Recommendations:

  • Please refrain from adding ice to your Thermal, it is an iceless chiller.
  • Please refrain from storing your Thermal in a freezer for an extended period of time as it can compromise the appearance of the Thermal.
  • If pre-chilling the Thermal in the freezer, place on side to protect the cork bottom.
  • Please treat your Thermal with care, as they are susceptible to chips if they hit other surfaces with force.

TIP: When serving multiple bottles of wine, place two Thermals in your refrigerator.  After utilizing the first Thermal, exchange for the second chilled Thermal. Continue cycling Thermals to enjoy perfectly chilled wine/champagne the entire evening!

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