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The Right Way to Serve Beer


You wanted it, you got it. Here's your go-to guide for serving beer ... the right way!

Step One: Let Your Concrete Chiller Chill Out

The colder the chiller, the better the beer. This bad boy is all about the freezer life — but a fridge or snowbank will do just fine, too.

Step Two: Go Recreate Your Face Off

If you’re living in Montana and you’re not getting rad on a single track, barreling through some whitewater or bagging a few peaks then what are you doing? Get out there and have some fun!


Step Three: Brainstorm an Epic Dinner Plan With Friends

You know how this goes … you’re reflecting on your day well spent on top of a mountain with your buddies when someone goes, “Man you know what sounds amazing right now … a BBQ!” Then everyone starts thinking about how amazing it sounds and then somehow an epic meal around the fire at your place has been determined.

Step Four: Contemplate How Unprepared You Are (but only for a second)

“Should have put my gear away from yesterday’s ride,” or, “do I have any elk brats left,” are reasonable thoughts to ponder on your car ride home. But, one thing is for sure — there will be cold beer because your concrete chiller is chilling out! And really, a nice, cold one is all that matters so you have nothing to worry about.

Step Five: Grab Your Favorite Camp Chair and Chillax

With the concrete chiller chillaxin by your side, there’s no worry of a warm beer from the first drink to the very last drop. Feast on some BBQ, share old stories and casually sip your favorite, cooled brew around the heat of the fire.


Get your own Concrete Chiller here and start serving beer the right way.