Angle 33 Sustainability
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Angle 33 Sustainability

Missoula, Montana is home to Angle 33 and if you have ever been lucky enough to visit this beautiful city, you know that we are surrounded by clear, free-stone rivers (think A River Runs Through It). Enjoying these rivers in our backyard is a constant motivator for us to take part in sustainable business practices and water conservation.

How we play our part….

Our Wine Thermals replace the traditional wine bucket without the use of ice or water. Each time an ice bucket is used, a gallon of water is wasted, not to mention 2-4 lbs of ice. We have seen restaurants save money as well as thousands of gallons of water per year by using our thermals for wine service. We are proud of these numbers and are on a mission to spread the word.

Owners Marge and Matt Baack have both been dedicated to bringing sustainable practices to Angle 33. Matt has developed a simple system to recycle the water that we use during the production process or our concrete products. Using three 55-gallon drums, the water is reserved and reused. In a busy week, we will save between 125-150 gallons of water for future use. Marge holds a Green Belt certification in Lean principles with a focus on reducing waste, driving out frustration, and improving the quality in our production and work life.